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Adidas Jump Store


Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose took up residence at a "pop up store" in Hackney where all the Adidas shoes were free, as long as visitors could reach them from a ten foot high shelf.
Adidas invited kids from East London via @adidasUK and Facebook to the store, where they had 24 seconds, the amount of time it takes to make a play in a basketball game, to jump the height of a basketball rim and grab the shoes.

The Campaign won 5 Gold Awards at the Circle Circle Awards including Gold of Golds!

TBWA Project:
We had exactly two hours to turn NBA superstar, Derrick Rose into an urban icon for kids in London. So, we built the D Rose Jump Store in Hackney. Filled with hundreds of pairs of free D Rose shoes, on shelves 10ft high, the store allowed kids to show how talented they might be at a game many of them had never played, and a new generation of adidas icons was born. With an online film, posters, business cards and zero media budget, we earned over 2 million pounds of free media and hit 4 million people in 10 days.

Adidas D Rose Jump Store with TBWA